June 1, 2009

Twitter Needs to Grow Up . . . Fast!

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twitter sucks - @smokejumper suspended account

After spending 2 days of my time at 140 | The Twitter Conference last week and taking the time to sing Twitter’s praises and blog about it, Twitter responded yesterday by suspending my account.

Now I’m sure there is a logical explanation, such as my account got hacked.  However, if Twitter wants people to rely its service as a utility, then I expect utility-like service and up-time.  When I found out that I couldn’t access my account on Sunday morning, I contacted Twitter customer support.  As of Sunday night I had no response and still no account access.

Over the course of many years, I’ve never had an email account suspended (AOL, Apple .Mac, Netscape or Yahoo!); I have never had an instant messager account suspended (AIM, ICQ or Yahoo! Messenger).  More recently I have never been unable to access my Facebook or LinkedIn accounts or my Blogger, WordPress or YouTube accounts.

Yet here I am on the outside of a service that I had been growing to love and rely on.  I wish I could tweet about my experience but alas I’m left to my ol’ reliable blog and email.  Given the intensity of the “flame” flickering inside me, perhaps Twitter doesn’t want to actually respond to me or turn my account back on . . . .

I’m despondent . . . more later.


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  1. […] days in a seemingly excommunicated state from Twitter, my account magically was reinstated.  So the flickering of my Twitter flame has subsided and I’m glad to be reconnecting with my Tweeps on Twitter […]

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