November 27, 2008

What I’m Drinking on Thanksgiving.

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Here is my guest blog post on The Savvy Sommelier . . . . 

“It’s time for the obligatory blog post about wine to pair with your Thanksgiving feast. But alas it is Thanksgiving eve, the short week has slipped away, you’ve probably bought your wine already and the real Savvy Sommelier has gone out with the girls.

So now that this lowly spouse has grabbed the reigns of this blog, what could I possibly add to the conversation?”  Read on . . . . 

October 7, 2008

Escape to NYC and Wine 2.0

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View this blog post Escape to NYC and Wine 2.0 on SmokeJumper Strategy.

Well after a long hiatus (and barely getting off the blog starting line in the first place), I’m back and more determined than ever to blog.

So here goes my restart. I authored a guest post on the Savvy Sommelier, detailing some of the interesting tech companies in the wine vertical – showcase at Wine 2.0 event in NYC last month.
Check out my interactions with iPhone Application WineSnob, San Francisco-based custom winery CrushPad, wine price search engine Snooth and more . . .