November 20, 2008

Cable 2.0 Is (Finally) Upon Us

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Interesting coverage out the SJ Mercury News today about web video developing into a viable alternative to cable tv.    This is very much in line with my post early last month “Why I’ll leave cable t.v. behind . . . .”

With the entry of Sling, joining other sites such as Hulu, Joost, Veoh and others, most of what is available on cable is now available on the web.  Now I can watch my favorite shows:  The Office, Prison Break, Law & Order, Brothers & Sisters, ER, House, The Daily Show and Colbert Report . . . when I want.
The only major hurdle is that I can’t easily watch them on my TV.  And watching on the 13″ screen of my MacBook after I’ve been on it all day is not joyful.  Worse is attempting to watch on my iPhone.  That will change and when it does I won’t miss cable.