October 7, 2008

Just Because You Can, Should You?

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Just because you are technically able to create a product, should you? Google announced a new feature called Mail Goggles in their gmail blog yesterday. It is a play on words on “Beer Goggles” (presumably) which describes a state whereby previously unattractive individuals start to look better after imbibing in a few alcoholic beverages.

So is it a good idea? Michael Arrington doesn’t think so – hates math and doesn’t think a few math problems will prevent him from sending that drunken email. I tend to agree. Why do people need to self-moderate? I suppose those with more impulsive and compulsive personalities and those that create irreparable damage and chaos with their emails.
Personally, I look back with some fondness and a wry smile of the early morning, post-bar “drunken dial” long distance calls I allegedly made to afar female friends. (There was a time when I actually “dialed” a phone that was tethered to the wall with a cable made of copper wiring). Even if the call necessitated a sheepish apology in the morning or the following day, I’m not sure having to do some math (which I actually enjoy) would have stopped me – hormones and liquid courage are a potent combination.
As a marketing & product guy, I’d love to see the market research and target personas that point to the immense product opportunity here. Next time make me karaoke an Irish folk song and DDR a jig and I might not only sign up for a Gmail account but also turn on Mail Goggles.