October 9, 2008

Why I’ll leave cable TV behind . . .

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As more and more interesting and relevant video content is available online, I gave pause to ponder why do I need to “program” my DVR and why should I wait for Netflix to show up in my mail box in order to have entertainment in my living room when I’m ready to turn off my brain and decompress? This line of thinking comes at a time when I’m also looking at the myriad of expenses I pay around the house (isn’t everyone)?

I understand why online video holds much appeal – infinite library, “free” (ad-supported models), portability, ease of discovery, sharing with others, always at the ready when I”m wanting to watch (regardless of time, schedules, etc.) While I’ve had to “learn” the benefits of this, others (such as my 17-year-old nephew) never watch TV and wonder why anyone would. Save the exception of some live sporting events, I’m seeing the wisdom in youth.

So why not make the transition to watching all my video on a PC now? Well as much as I love my 13″ MacBook, I’m on it 8-14 hours a day and can’t imagine wanting to spend more time on it. I don’t get wanting to watch video on it – short of perhaps long plane rides (but that’s usually when I clean out email, read a book or sleep). And I will never be one to watch much video, but for short clips and highlights of my beloved Canucks and Sharks (yes I’m a professional hockey polygamist), on my iPhone (or whatever replaces it).

So when will I chuck cable and my DVR box (and the $100 per month bill along with it)? Likely when I can get my hands on a SlingCatcher. I haven’t done a detailed review of its features, but James McQuivey got an early demo. If it works as advertised, I’ll be setting up my “man-cave” complete with SlingCatcher and flat screen TV before the end of the year. My 14-year-old Sony Trinitron and DVR have served me well but must move on.